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A Preliminary Typology of Complex Dependence

A Preliminary Typology of Complex Dependence

(p.382) Afterword A Preliminary Typology of Complex Dependence
Abandoned to Ourselves
Peter Alexander Meyers
Yale University Press

The Afterword provides some concluding thoughts. This book has considered many aspects of Rousseau's complex theory of the social field from which political relationships arise. Rousseau identified dependence as the primary fabric of that social field and the generative force of social evolution. But is this sufficient for political theory in our time? The Afterword asks: how should we understand the fundamental fact of human dependence so as to bring it to the center of political theory today? The Afterword provides a very brief sketch of the structure of complex dependence, comprising its several aspects and some of the relations inherent among them.

Keywords:   Rousseau, social field, political relationships, social evolution, human dependence, political theory

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